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Fredericksburg ophthalmologist

Fredericksburg ophthalmologist

If you are looking for an extremely skilled ophthalmologist who can provide you with the very highest level of ophthalmology care, including retina surgery, you will want to come and visit us at The Retina Group of Washington. At our practice our 26 ophthalmologists specialize in many different types of eye care related to the retina and macula. We have many different offices located in Washington DC and the surrounding areas, so that patients can conveniently visit whichever office is local to them. If you live in the Fredericksburg area you will be able to visit our Fredericksburg ophthalmologist were immediate care.

At The Retina Group of Washington, two of our highly trained ophthalmologists at our Fredericksburg location are Dr. T. Mark Johnson and Dr. Eric S. Lee. When you see one of our ophthalmologists, you are in effect benefiting from the expertise of all of our 26 specialists. This is because our doctors will often consult with one another when they want to discuss certain aspects of a medical case with another doctor who specializes in that very particular eye problem. Our eye care group is one of the largest and most respected retinal and macular eye care practices in the country. Our Fredericksburg ophthalmologist can provide you with many different types of eye care, including leading edge retina surgery, or simply a comprehensive eye exam for complete and accurate diagnosis of an existing eye problem.

If you are experiencing an unusual vision problem, you will want to come in and see our Fredericksburg ophthalmologist for a thorough diagnosis and immediate eye care. If you are experiencing flashes of light and a large number of eye floaters, you may have a retinal tear which may need retina surgery in order to be corrected. When you are having eye problems, you will want to come in and see our doctor as soon as possible because the sooner a retinal tear or detachment is treated, the more likely you are to regain your full vision. Our eye care center has been providing exemplary eye care for our patients for more than 30 years. Our patients always feel comfortable at our offices, where they know they are receiving customized, personal care for their eye problem. For an appointment to see our Fredericksburg ophthalmologist, contact us today.

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