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Fredericksburg ophthalmologist

Fredericksburg ophthalmologist

When you need the very finest ophthalmologic care, you will want to make an appointment to be seen at The Retina Group of Washington. We are a well-established retinal care practice that is considered to be one of the leading retinal care groups in the United States. We have been providing excellent care in the area since the 1970’s. Our practice has 14 offices located around Maryland and Virginia, including our office in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Patients who come to our practice for retina surgery or to be seen by an outstanding ophthalmologist are very happy with the care they receive. When you need to be seen by a Fredericksburg ophthalmologist whom you can put total faith in, come visit us at our Fredericksburg office of The Retina Group of Washington.

Several of our ophthalmologists are based out of our Fredericksburg office. They are: Dr. T. Mark Johnson and Dr. Eric S. Lee. Whether you need retina surgery, or some other kind of ophthalmology care, you can rest assured that you receiving the finest treatment from our Fredericksburg ophthalmologist. There are currently 26 of the finest retina surgeons in our practice altogether. Although they may work out of different offices they freely consult with each other regarding case specifics. So, in effect, when you are receiving treatment by one of our ophthalmologists, your case may well be reviewed by many other of our fine surgeons.

If necessary, our Fredericksburg ophthalmologist will be able to provide you with expert retina surgery. Our in-office state-of-the art equipment is very helpful in providing full and precise diagnostics regarding your particular case. In our office we are able to use the following diagnostic equipment: digital fundus photography; fluorescent angiography; digital high-speed indocyanine angiography; optical coherence tomography; and B-scan ultrasonography. We are also able to provide a variety of in-office retinal treatments including: Avastin, Lucentis, and Macugen therapy; cryotherapy; and steroid injections. Should you need in-hospital surgery, our surgeons have privileges at all of the area major hospital and ambulatory surgery centers where retinal procedures are commonly performed. If you would like to be seen by our fine eye surgeon at our Fredericksburg location, contact us for an appointment.

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