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Fredericksburg eye doctor

Fredericksburg eye doctor

The thought of retinal surgery might seem scary, but it’s sometimes necessary. And when it is, you can count on our Fredericksburg eye doctor as a specialist. The Retina Group of Washington will typically only suggest surgery as a last option, when other solutions that are less invasive have been ruled out, are inappropriate, or ineffective for the issue at hand. Retina surgery can be very useful in repairing retinal tears and detachments, as well as in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy.

Retinal tears can often be addressed with a procedure known as laser photocoagulation. This is when our Fredericksburg eye doctor uses heat as a way to re-seal the torn retina and get it back into its normal position. Another surgery that is used in the treatment of retinal tears is called cryotherapy. Where photocoagulation uses heat, this method focuses on cold, with a probe that works underneath the surface of your retina to freeze the area around the tear. It is the formation of a scar in either type of procedure that keeps your retina from detaching. And no need to worry about a hospital stay, because both can ordinarily be done in our office, on an outpatient basis.

If your retina is fully detached, instead of just torn, laser photocoagulation and cryotherapy are usually not the best options, though they might be effective if the detachment is only minimal. But in most instances, the solution of choice will be selected from among retinopexy, scleral buckle, and vitrectomy procedures. These methods are safe, efficient, and have a high rate of success. Most retinal detachments can be repaired, though it may require more than one procedure to do so. The determination of the type of surgery will be discussed between our Fredericksburg eye doctor and you, and will be made based on factors including the severity of the detachment and your unique circumstances.

Diabetic retinopathy, which can result from the effects of type one or type two diabetes, may cause damage to your retinal blood vessels. Eventually, it can block blood flow to your eyes and lead to vision loss. Laser surgery, done by our Fredericksburg eye doctor, can help to stop blood from leaking into your eye, which is a common complication of the disease. In addition, surgery can be done to shrink enlarged blood vessels.

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