Retina Doctor in Fredericksburg

Making sure that your eyes are in good health is important, especially since anyone can develop an eye related disease or other condition. It is generally recommended that people begin to see an eye doctor from the time that they are six months old and then every year after that. Eye health is essential, and things like retinal diseases can do some serious damage to your eyesight or even cause blindness if not treated as soon as possible. When it comes to retinal care, our Retina doctor in Fredericksburg here at The Retina Group of Washington can help you take care of your eye and vision health.

The retina is an essential part of the eye. The retina is the light sensitive layer of tissue located at the very back of the eye, at the other end of the pupil. As light is refracted through the cornea and passes through the pupil, it is absorbed by this light sensitive tissue, turned into nerve responses which are then translated by the brain into images that you can comprehend and understand. If disease affects the retinas of either eye, or even both, it can cause vision damage or loss. The sooner you get help the better, and in order to do that you will need to schedule routine eye exams. The best way to treat eye related diseases and conditions is to screen for them early. These exams can determine whether you have any particular diseases or even if you are at risk for developing one in the future, which can be an integral part of your treatment. Here at The Retina Group of Washington, our Retina doctor in Fredericksburg can provide you and your family with the complete retinal care that you may need.

There are plenty of different retinal conditions that people of all ages may develop. Children, especially infants and toddlers, are at particular risk for pediatric retinal diseases and conditions that can occur during early development. But adults can develop retinal diseases, too, especially if there is a family history of such conditions or if you happen to have diabetes. If you are in need of retinal care, please call us here at The Retina Group of Washington and set up an appointment with our Retina doctor in Fredericksburg today.