Fredericksburg Retinal Detachment

Retina doctor in Fredericksburg

If you have a very serious eye condition such as a retinal detachment, it is can be very difficult to deal with. Your quality of life is greatly impacted, and you need the best possible care you can get. It’s very important to see a retina specialist for Fredericksburg retinal detachment and conditions. That’s exactly what you’ll find at The Retina Group of Washington.

Retinal detachment is a very serious eye condition that requires special care from a specialist. Our experts are fully equipped to handle Fredericksburg retina detachment. If you’ve been diagnosed with a retinal detachment, it’s very important to see an experienced professional and also to learn about the condition you have. In order to comprehend what a retinal detachment is, you need to understand what the retina is and what its job is. The retina is very similar to the film in a camera. The retina’s role in your vision is extremely important since it’s responsible for creating the images you see. The retina is light-sensitive. A detached retina is a very serious condition in which retina has been pulled out of its normal position. A retinal detachment is a medical emergency. If the retina detaches and is not treated fast enough, it can result in permanent vision loss. Small or large tears or breaks in the retina that are left untreated can lead to a retinal detachment. If a retinal detachment happens, the retina separates from the back wall of the eye and would no longer be connected to the single layer of cells which are called the retinal pigment epithelium. These cells are crucial to the health of the detached retina which will lose its ability to function if it remains detached. If left untreated, it will eventually spread to the macula and if that becomes detached, the central vision will also be lost. Therefore, retina conditions need to be treated right away.

If you have a retina condition, don’t wait. Contact us right now so you can see our Fredericksburg retinal detachment expert as soon as possible.

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