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Retinal surgery in Stafford

Retina specialist Stafford

Retina specialist Stafford

When your retina separates from the rest of your eye, either partially or completely, you will need surgery to correct it. A torn or detached retina is a serious matter, and so should be dealt with by a specialist. At The Retina Group of Washington, we can assure you of expert, experienced, attentive care that utilizes the very latest in terms of both equipment and techniques to make certain that the odds are in your favor for a successful outcome.

The types of procedures that are performed by our retina specialist Stafford will vary depending on certain factors. For one thing, a torn retina is often addressed in a manner that differs from how a detached retina is treated. Both demand timely attention, but the fully detached one is of greater urgency. In both instances, your vision could be at risk, so it’s essential that you take an advantage of the knowledge and skills that our retina specialist Stafford brings to your aid. First, you will be examined thoroughly, and applicable testing will be conducted. This is to make sure of two things: first, that the diagnosis is accurate, and second, that the most appropriate treatment protocol may be identified and implemented. From a surgical standpoint, you’ll be pleased to know that all of the procedures conducted are done an an outpatient basis. You should not need to have a hospital stay-over. In addition, the methods used have an impressive success rate, especially when two or more are combined to achieve the desired outcome. Other considerations, such as the presence of scar tissue, and where the retina has become separated from the rest of the eye, will be taken into account when making an assessment.

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