Pediatric Retina Doctor in Stafford

Pediatric Retina Doctor in Stafford

Pediatric Retina Care in Stafford

The Retina Group of Washington is a pediatric retina doctor in Stafford providing patients with excellent care. Our practice employs a group of doctors who are highly knowledgeable in retinal disorders and diseases. Seven of our physicians have recently been named the areas best ophthalmologists in Washingtonian Magazine’s “Top Doctors” list. We have also recently merged with Retina Associates, the region’s largest retinal-macular practice. We provide 24 hour emergency care for all of our patients.

Since our center was founded in the 1970’s we’ve helped thousands of kids with their retinal disorders. Five of our doctors maintain active pediatric retina practices. Most patients who have been treated for premature retinopathy over the last 40 years have been our patients. Our doctors are also active in pediatric practice. Our pediatric retina doctor in Stafford also treats retinal tears. Retinal tears are the result of vitreous in the eyes pulling away from the retina. This vitreous is a clear gel that is attached to the retina and can pull on and shrink away from the retina as we age. If the retina tears, fluid can pass through it, lifting the retina off the back of the eye. This is known as retinal detachment.

Retinal detachment causes vision to blur, so patients may have a hard time seeing. Retinal detachment can be fixed with detached retina surgery. If it is not treated, it can cause blindness. Retina surgery is usually done in order to fix these types of retinal problems. Ask our pediatric retina doctor in Stafford how we can help your children have better retinal care and to answer any questions you may have about our offices. All of our locations have a homey feel to them so patients feel at home and relaxed.

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